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Article about the German Customs Union (Zollverein, 1834-1871)

Article about the German Customs Union (1834-1871) and its role for the European and, possibly, Eurasian common markets, written by Peter Enders, Galina Nurtasinowa & Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner, SCHNEIDER GROUP:

Германский таможенный союз: единство экономики и политики, Kazakhstan in Global Processes. Academic edition, №1 (47) 2016, pp. 117-123

Short version in German: Deutscher Zollverein (1834-1871) und Eurasischer Wirtschaftsraum, in: Lomonossow [journal of the German Association of the Alumni and Friends of the Moscow State Lomonosov University (DAMU)] 2016, 16-32; electronic version available at request.

Long version in German, with much more details, photographs, and contemporary quotations: ongoing; current version being available at request.