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Reference projects

Our reference projects provide you with instructive examples. As it is regularly updated, it is a good idea to check it from time to time. The following projects are described:

KPM Berlin: Presentation of the Royal Porcelain Manufacture (Königliche Porzellan-Manifaktur - KPM) in Almaty (shop, gallery, University of Arts).

duisport Group (Duisburg Hafen AG): Organization and local support of a business trip to Kazakhstan and of a visit of the Astana Economic Forum; interview and advertising.

Haller Logistics: Portrait and advertising.

Ongoing is the publication of the interview with Niko Warbanoff, CEO of Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting.

Science & Technology: Activities in science and technology, supporting Kazakh universities by connecting them with German universities, organizing mutual visits, funding, lecturing, supporting international accreditation, and publications.