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How to find me by car and public transport

Public transport
​Train from Berlin to Königs Wusterhausen (RE2, RB22, RB24, S46), exit Storkower Straße (East side), Bus 722 to Bindow till bus stop 'Senzig, Ahornallee'; the street Ahornalle is about 40 meters ahead left (the map below you will enter from left); tariff zone Berlin C

Motorway A10/E30, exit Königs Wusterhausen, or Motorway A13/E36/E55, exit Ragow (both being close to 'Schönefelder Kreuz'): ​Drive to nigs Wusterhausen, railway station, leave the roundabout towards 'Friedersdorf', in Senzig pass the business centre ('Edeka' on the right); when a free field opens rightly (the street name changes from "Chausseestraße" to "An der Chaussee"), look for the street 'Ahornallee' left, coming shortly after a bus stop on both sides of the street (the map you will enter from left).

Motorway A12/E30, exit Friedersdorf:
Direction 'Friedersdorf', ignore the first direction to the right toward  'Königs Wusterhausen'; within Friedersdorf, where to the left is an 'Edeka' supermarket, turn to the right toward 'Königs Wusterhausen'; within Bindow, follow the main street turning to the right over the 'Bindow bridge'; follow the road till Senzig; after a free field opens left, look for the street 'Ahornallee' right (the map you will enter from right).

My house is about in the middle of the road, left.

The map below has been created by means of HERE.